About Us

About six months ago, Peter and Steven Finkelstein, owners of Mount Kisco Truck & Auto Parts, recognized a demand in the Mount Kisco community, a place where a longstanding home center and lumber business had closed down.

The auto parts business, launched in the 1930s by their father, Elliot, and his brother, Sanford, sells industrial auto parts as well as both heavy duty and light duty truck parts.

A look back in time through the family history reveals that in 1916 Joseph Finkelstein, grandfather to Peter and Steven, opened up a hardware store on East 9th Street in New York City, later turning the business into an auto supply company.

“This is not your typical hardware store,” said Peter Finkelstein, referring to the new facility that sells a variety of supplies that are perfect for the do-it-yourself home improvement enthusiast and the professional construction company.

“You won’t find beach chairs here, but what you will find are the hard-to-get items that you can’t find anywhere else,” he noted.

Everything from power tools and hardware tools, electrical supplies, plumbing inventory, locks, household items, cleaning materials and more can be found in this brightly lit store.

In the next few weeks, they will also be offering a key cutting service.

Recently, the Finkelstein brothers have been busy renovating the building, making it more suited to a hardware store by adding shelves, lighting and solar panels in an effort to cut down on energy costs and to create a healthier environment for workers and customers.

Hardware manager Mike Palley, known as “Hardware Mike,” is a valuable resource. Palley has more than 30 years of experience in ordering and selling supplies and is relied on for his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Of particular value to shoppers is the wide array of supplies the Finkelsteins carry (which is growing every day, they say), in addition to the friendly customer service and moderately-priced goods they offer. In fact, Peter Finkelstein believes his prices are easily comparable to those of Home Depot and other large department stores.

“I think the hardware store complements our larger auto supplies business very nicely,” he said, referring to regular customers who’ve been purchasing auto supplies from them for years and who are now availing themselves of the hardware supplies, in addition to newer customers.

Venturing into a different type of retail may seem like a risky move given the fact that the Finkelsteins know more about auto parts than anything else. But it hasn’t deterred the brothers, both of whom are well respected in the community and known for treating their employees like family.

Referring to their new venture, Peter Finkelstein said, “Our goal is to make this section of our store run successfully without negatively impacting the automotive parts side of our business.

“In many ways, it’s just like adding another product to our line.”

Mount Kisco Hardware is located at 135 Kisco Ave. For more information, call 914-666-3155. The company’s soon-to-be launched website, www.mtkiscohardware.com, will provide details on the store’s current and new offerings. The store is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.